Farmers Day and Agricultural Fair - 2023
(Gannoruva Agro-Technical Park Complex)

The “Farmer’s Field Day and Agricultural Exhibition” organized by the Department of Agriculture started on 03.08.2023 with the participation of the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera and was open to the public on 04, 05.08.2023. Director General of Agriculture Miss P. Malathy, Officials of the Department of Agriculture, universities and other government and private sector officials also participated, to Opening Ceremony.

The objective of this exhibition was to bring information on new technologies, new varieties as well as knowledge related to agriculture to the people, which were unveiled by the research of the Department of Agriculture, and many booths of various institutions related to agriculture were seen in the exhibition grounds. Also, facilities were provided to purchase agricultural products and agricultural inputs.

It is reported that more than 12,000 people, including school students and students of other educational institutions, have come to see the exhibition.