Evaluation of successful extension programs/development projects of officers working in the extension divisions of the Departments of Agriculture, Provincial Departments of Agriculture - 2023

An evaluation program organized to evaluate the successful extension programs implemented by the officers working in the extension divisions of the Department of Agriculture and Provincial Departments of Agriculture was conducted at the National Agriculture Information and Communication Center on 11.08.2023 with the participation of Director General of Agriculture, Miss P. Malathy.

A group of senior officers from the University of Peradeniya, the Department of Export Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture participated in the evaluation of these projects, and a large number of officers from the extension sector were present to watch these presentations, and a group of officers also participated through Zoom technology. The details of the successful projects implemented in different districts were presented here, and the extension staff had a great opportunity to share their experiences. Prizes and certificates will be given to the winning officers of this program in a special ceremony to be organized in the future.