Agro Technology Exhibition - "Agri tech – 24"

Aligned with the overarching vision outlined by the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mahinda Amaraweera, a significant milestone was achieved through the successful organization of the “Agricultural Technology Vision – 2024” exhibition. This event, held from March 2nd to March 5th, 2024, at the esteemed Hungama Batahatha Agro-Technology Park, witnessed active participation from over 150 institutions, including both governmental and private entities associated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries.
The exhibition was inaugurated for public access with the esteemed presence of the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, alongside the heads of the Department of Agriculture, and a multitude of distinguished guests.
The primary aim of the exhibition was to disseminate cutting-edge technology to farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, and students. Scheduled across four days, each dedicated to a specific thematic focus, the event commenced on March 2nd, observed as Agriculture Day, followed by Livestock Development Day on March 3rd, Plantation Industry Day on March 4th, and culminated with Rural Development Day on March 5th.
The traditional hena, urban garden, under-utilized fruit park, paddy cultivation field, new technical vegetable cultivation, and fish massage pond emerged as particularly captivating attractions for the general public. This diverse array of exhibits sparked considerable interest and engagement. Moreover, the exhibition served as a catalyst for encouraging public interest in visiting the Bataatha Agricultural Technology Park, thereby fostering greater awareness and appreciation for advancements in agricultural practices.
In addition to the aforementioned attractions, the exhibition facilitated a wealth of information dissemination, practical training sessions, and live demonstrations. Participants were educated on various aspects, including the production and maintenance of planting materials for vegetables, fruits, and supplementary food crops. Technical insights on harvesting and post-harvesting techniques for vegetable and supplementary food crops were also shared. Moreover, visitors had the opportunity to witness demonstrations on modern technologies and mechanization for water supply and other field activities, as well as insights into hybrid seed production cultivation technologies, farm mechanization, and high-tech agriculture. These sessions were conducted by seasoned agronomists and experts in the research field, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience for attendees.