A brainstorming workshop on Recognize area for strengthening OFC, Vegetable and Fruits sector.

A brainstorming workshop focusing on recognize areas for strengthening OFC, Vegetables and Fruits sector is held on National Agriculture Information and Communication Centre, Gannoruwa by the guidance of Miss. P. Malathy, Director General of Agriculture with the participation of Key stakeholders involved in the sector.

In the OFCs, Vegetables and fruit sector Sri Lanka, we are currently experiencing low productivity, high postharvest losses, lack of value added products in marketing, lack of export standards etc. Considering these scenario, conducting situation analysis in this sector is timely requirement in order to identify existing challenges and to formulate strategies for the sector improvement there by ensuring food security the key objective of the workshop is to identify the areas to be develop and strengthened related to the research, extension, seed and planting material production, marketing and economics aspects in the sectors.