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WeedScience Division

This is one of main divisions in rice research development institute, Bathalagoda working on weed science discipline. Mandate of the division is to identify the main weeds in rice and conduct research on weed control methods and conduct research on new candidate herbicides. Share new technologies and knowledge on weeds and weed control technologies for officers and farmers.


  • Identify the weeds and their threats in rice cultivation
  • Conduct research on different weed control methods
  • Give solutions for problems in weed control for officers and farmers
  • conducting of research on new candidate herbicides and providing efficacy reports


  • Identify the herbicide resistant of weeds and give solutions for herbicides resistant
  • Introduce integrated weed control to the farmers
  • Introduce water seeding methods for weed control
  • Identify weedy rice in Sri Lanka and give integrated weedy rice control method to Sri Lanka
  • New herbicide recommendations

Research & Publications

To evaluate weed controlling efficacy and phyto-toxicity effect of new candidate herbicides. Multi-locational replicated field experiment RCBD with 4 replicates and candidate herbicide entries and comparisons to un-weeded control and hand weeded control as treatments…


Head of the division

Mr. R.M.U.S. Bandara
Assistant Director of Agriculture(Research)