• Commercial fumigation for export/ import commodities using Methyl Bromide/ Phospine; Vacuum and Normal atmospheric pressure
  • Online approval for Methyl Bromide fumigations as Sri Lanka is signatory to the Montreal protocol. (for fumigations done by the commercial fumigation service providers)
  • Supervision of fumigation of cargo done by private fumigators to full fill the requirements of the importing country.
  • Registration of treatment providers under ISPM 15 of International Plant Protection Convention
  • AFAS JSR (Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme Joint System Review) Auditing to comply with AFAS standards especially to the consignment need the AFAS certification.
  • Support on market access of exported commodities through phytosanitary certification with required treatments to fulfil the requirement of importing country.
  • Sharing technical information of biosecurity treatment measures of import and export requirements to industries.
  • Technical assistance to industries process to meet requirements.
  • Assessment and corrective actions taken place in the critical point of the industry.