NPQS Import Permit Division

The Import Permit Division was established in 2012 under the National Plant Quarantine Service, Katunayake as a one of major divsion in this institute.

According to Plant Protection Act No 35 of 1999 and its regulations, issuing of import permits and approval letters for submitted complete applications for importation of prescribed commodities into Sri Lanka is the main duty of import permit division.

According to the Extraordinary Gazette No 165/2 of 1981, prescribed activities are plant commodities, living insects, birds or other animals in any stage of their development or any virus, bacteria or fungus cultures (Except animals covered by the animal quarantine rules) soil, minerals, rocks and organic fertilizer


  • Services:

    • Issuing of import permits & approval letters free of charge
    • Providing relevant information for new importers on obtaining import licenses and approval letters
    • Issuing of letters to extend the validity period of import permits


Main objective of the Import Permit Division is issuing of import permits for importation of prescribed commodities efficiently and accurately according to the Plant Protection Act


  • Acceptance of import permit applications
  • Obtaining of instructions of the Additional Director, NPQS & Director General of Agriculture for the issuing of import permits, approval letters and extension letters
  • Taking action to complete the incomplete applications
  • Requesting of no objection/approval for some commodities from other institutions
  • Inspection of post entry quarantine facilities
  • According to the recommendations of Pest Risk Assessment done by the Biosecurity Division and instructions given by the Additional Director, preparation of import conditions
  • Preparation of import permits for the signature of the Additional Director
  • Issuing of import permits
  • According to the instruction given by Additional Director rejection of import applications submitted for prohibited & high risk commodities
  • Preparation of extension letter for the import permits as per the requests of importer

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