Plant Quarantine Station, Sea Port - Colombo

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Plant Quarantine Station,

Sea Port, Colombo

Main Duties

According to the plant protection act No: 35 of 1999, Following activities are done for Export and Import as plant and plant products through sea freight.

    Issuing of Pytosanitory certificate according to the ISPM 12 for the plant and plant products that Export through the Colombo sea port

    Issuing of PSC for plant and plant products for re- exportation

    Releasing of custom referred sea freight imported plant and plant products after testing for alien invasive pests

    Inspect the facility for the export consignments

Inspect the facilities of stores, packing houses, production sits, for proper quarantine standers and if necessary advise them, to upgrade the standers of exports that export their consignment through the plant quarantine station of the Colombo sea port.

    Conducting of awareness programs for stakeholders

Conducting of awareness programs for the exporters conducting of practical training for the identification of pest in export consignments