Plant Quarantine Station, Mattala Rajapaksha International Airport-Mattala, Sri Lanka​

Being one of the plant quarantine station in the country, plant quarantine station, Mattala is prepared to implement the plant quarantine act. Also our station is involving to active service as representative from the Department of Agriculture to enhance the scope of our duty. Two offices have been established in Air cargo and Passenger terminal to ensure there will not be anything to miss. As a place where the e-Phyto pilot project to be handled, plant quarantine station is equipped with the latest technology as well.

Key activities conducted at Plant Quarantine Station, Mattala

  • Inspection of the suspected air freight
  • Sampling the items for the ease of issuing PSC
  • Visual examination for physical or insect damages
  • Export cargo registration for facilitating the export procedures
  • Import detain items registration for urging the transparency
  • Import cargo registration for future reference
  • For general public to be aware of the opportunities
  • To encourage stake holders on the current status
  • Company authorities to follow the right procedures
  • For supporting institutes to improve the mutual understanding
  • For staff members in upgrading their knowledge
  • Cargo inspection fee as a service charge
  • PSC fee as a documentation charge
  • Longer than 72 hours
  • Restricted Items
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Since the drawbacks in typical PSC(According to ISPM12)
  • As a security measure
  • To prevent printing errors