The National Plant Quarantine Service, Sri Lanka and Department of Plant Quarantine, Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, Republic of Korea mutually agreed to exchange the ePhytos between Sri Lanka and Republic of Korea.

The pre request procedures are ongoing and User Accepting Test (UAT) for exchanging of ePhytos between two countries started from 18 August 2021.

It has been planned to complete the UAT in three months and go forward with Production Version of Generic ePhyto National System (GeNS) to exchange ePhytos with Sri Lanka and Republic of Korea.

For the initial six months, paper based Phytosanitary certificate will be issued along with the ePhytos.  After that only ePhytos will be issued to Republic of Korea.

Therefore, all plant and plant based products exporters and importers of Republic of Korea are informed to immediately get registered in GeNS in order to avail this facility.

Please submit the dully completed registration application (Application can be downloaded from Downloads – Application for Exporter Registration) with the business registration copy, NIC copies of all company users to for the registration. The online registration link will be sent after receiving of the application and the relevant documents.


Feel free to contact ePhyto Project Office for any clarification on company registration in GeNS, trainings and the exchange of ePhytos with other countries.


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