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මෙම  වෙබ් පිටුව සැකසෙමින් පවතී…

එතෙක් මෙහි ඉංග්‍රීසි බසින් ඇති වෙබ් පිටුව වෙත පහත සබැදිය මගින් යොමු වන්න.


Soil Science Division

To develop appropriate soil fertility management practices and fertilizer recommendations to enhance the land and crop productivity in OFCs cultivable areas specially in  the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka to ensure the agriculture.


  1. .Soil testing and fertilizer recommendation.
    • Testing organic fertilizer like compost and liquid fertilizer. 
  2. Conducting training and awareness programs on following aspects,
    • Soil fertility management practices of OFC in different farming environments.
    • Climate change impact on soil fertility and mitigation options.
    • Enhance of land productivity in OFCs growing areas.
  3. Field investigations upon request by farmers or other stake holders to give recommendations on different soil related field problems.
  4. Technology dissemination through media and other campaigns like exhibitions.


  • Cultivation of maize crops with sunnhemp in rate of 20 t/ha and incorporate the sunnhemp after one month period during weeding time. This practice will reduce the N fertilizer by 25%.

Research Areas

  • Integrated soil nutrient management systems.
  • Organic fertilizer research.
  • Development of fertilizer recommendations for OFCs.
  • Testing of different fertilizer packages.
  • Testing of commercial fertilizers and providing recommendations.
  • Performance study of slow releasing fertilizers and bio fertilizers.
  • Surveying of plant nutrients for mapping.
  • Soil fertility management.
  • Climate change.

Officer of the Division

Dr. M.S. Nijamudeen
Principle Agriculture Scientist - Soil and Water Management (Soil Fertility)