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මෙම  වෙබ් පිටුව සැකසෙමින් පවතී…

එතෙක් මෙහි ඉංග්‍රීසි බසින් ඇති වෙබ් පිටුව වෙත පහත සබැදිය මගින් යොමු වන්න.


Biotechnology Division

Mandate of the division

The biotechnology and Tissue culture division focuses on applying advanced novel technologies to solve important issues in Field crops through developing varieties for biotic, tolerance and quality aspect to cater due national demand in Sri Lanka.


  • Conducting crop breeding researches to solve the current issues in Field Crops (biotic and quality aspects).
  • Conducting awareness program for Molecular biology and plant tissue culture.
  • Providing research facilities for external parties such as Universities, Agriculture schools, Technical colleges, Schools.
  • Conducting molecular researches for  Field Crops improvement.
  • Conducting researches for disease identification in Field crops.
  • Application of Tissue culture technique for crop improvement.

Research Area

  • Marker Assisted breeding to develop Quality protein incorporated maize line
  • Marker Assisted breeding to develop Anthracnose resistant chilli line
  • Marker Assisted breeding to develop Yellow mosaic resistant   mungbean variety
  • Genetic diversity study of  21 Chilli (Capsicum anumm) accessions
  • Genotyping of Finger millet 73 accessions using SSR makers
  • Genotyping of 26 Big Onion  accessions using SSR makers
  • Disease identification through molecular technique
  • Application of barcoding techniques to identify disease
  • Gene expression study for Chilli anthracnose resistance
  • Optimization of protocol for plant regeneration eg .Chilli 
  • Embryo rescue culture for wide hybrids in Chilli
  • Assessment of genetic purity of MI CHHY01 and MI CHHY02
  • Assessment of genetic purity of MI Maize HY03 MI Maize HY04 and MI Maize HY05

Officer of the Division

Ms. W.A.R. Dhammika
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Biotechnology