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මෙම  වෙබ් පිටුව සැකසෙමින් පවතී…

එතෙක් මෙහි ඉංග්‍රීසි බසින් ඇති වෙබ් පිටුව වෙත පහත සබැදිය මගින් යොමු වන්න.


Pathology Division

Mandate of the Pathology Division

Yield increment of field crops through eco- friendly integrated disease management practices. Therefore, Integrated Disease Management approaches are tested. Apart from research activities of the division technology dissemination activities were conducted for farmers, officers and students.


  1. Offering of free disease diagnostic service to farmers and extension officers.
  2. Field investigations upon request by farmers or other stake holders to give recommendations on different field problems.
  3. Providing research facilities and in plant training for students.
  4. Providing cultured pathogens of diseases when requesting.
  5. Supplying diseased plant samples for exhibitions, students and academic institutes with their request.
  6. Providing training and services to farmers, extension agents, and students to strengthen the human resource development.
  7. Collaboration with international and national institutions on information sharing of existing field crop diseases and emerging new diseases for the necessity of developing and/or modifying existing diagnose and management methods.


  1. Screening methods for identification of resistance sources and to use in breeding for disease resistance
  2. Identified major disease resistant parent lines/varieties
  3. Management protocols for controlling major diseases
  4. Developed Trichoderma based bio-pesticides to control the diseases
  5. New efficacy tested effective fungicides to control field crop diseases

Ongoing Research

  • Germplasm/variety screening of Mungbean for major diseases.
  • Germplasm/variety screening of Blackgram for major diseases.
  • Variety screening of Cowpea for major diseases.
  • Variety screening of Red onion for major diseases.
  • Development of disease forecasting model for onion anthracnose diseases.
  • Development of Trichoderma based field application protocol to control onion diseases.
  • Development of Trichoderma based field application protocol to chili soil borne diseases.
  • Fungicide efficacy testing trials for chilli anthracnose control and groundnut rust control.

Officer of the Division

Ms. W.M.K. Fernando
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Pathology