“It is indeed a collective herculean task Department of Agriculture has been performing over the years. However, it has now come to a point where to keep up with current trends and technological advancements radical approaches are demanded by this all-important institution. Facing these imminent challenges boldly and continues to deliver this good deed has certainly become a priority. In this context, the Engineering Center of this department also has to keep phase with these changes to continue the unstinting support it has been providing.”


"Our mandate is to plan and execute all engineering activities under one organization supervised by able professionals to deliver the best possible output with a professional touch. In doing so, the overall objective is achieved through two-pronged approach as follows:

  • Conduct contemporary Agricultural Engineering research and development programs with an apt industrial services output
  • Deliver general engineering services with improved quality and productivity of all engineering services by attending most of the design, construction, service and maintenance work within the organization through Regional Engineering Service Terminals

As a unified organization, this will certainly enhance all aspiring engineers’ ability to work in close coordination with their peer groups and senior colleagues and gain experience to further their professional career whilst earning due recognition for the collective efforts and service rendered.”


Eng. C.L Rajapakse
Chief Engineer

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