Tamil: HORDI variety – Capsicum



Released varieties

Released year 1940

Pods are light green colored with wrinkled shiny surface. Pod end curves inward as an elephant trunk. Pods are 15-20 cm long. pods are horn shaped.

Yellowish color pods with glossy and smooth outer surface. Conical shape pods in 15-20 cm long. Up wright pods. Not suitable to grow in low and mid country wet zones as it subject to bacterial wilt disease.

Capsicum F1 Hybrid ‘Prarthana’

Released year – 2015

Description of variety:

First hybrid Developed Locally

High yield: 20 – 25 t/ha

Growth habit: Erect and vigorous

50 % flowering: 40- 45 days

Good fruit quality : Attractive

appearance,Shiny surface and greenish yellow colour

Pod length 13-15 cm

Pod weight 35-40g

Bact. Wilt : MR

இப்பக்கம் வடிவமைப்பு செயற்பாட்டில் இருப்பதனால் அதுவரைக்கும் கீழேயுள்ள பக்கங்களை அணுகவும்.