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Regional Rice Research and Development Centre (RRRDC) - Bombuwela

RRRDC is Located in Kalutara district (6o.57”N, 80o.01”E) and functions under the Rice Research and Development Institute (RRDI), Batalagoda. The research center was initiated as a government farm in 1953 and it was upgraded as Regional Agricultural Research Station in 1976 which conducted research related to all wet zone crops including fruits, vegetable and tuber crops etc. The present Regional Rice Research and Development Centre was formed in 1994 as the result of the restructuring of the Department of Agriculture for catering rice cultivation in the Low Country Wet Zone (LCWZ) in Sri Lanka…



  • Rice Breeding Division
  • Soil Science Division
  • Agronomy Division
  • Weed science Division
  • Pathology Division
  • Entomology Division

Research & Publications

Path Coefficient Analysis using Rils of Oryzanivarain Swarna Background…



  • Dissemination of technologies related to rice cultivation in Sri Lanka (Biotic and Abiotic stresses) to farmers, relevant officers and students
  • Provision of agriculture training programs and extension program for government and non-government sector including academics, students, professional, and farmer communities.
  • Providing facilities and catering agriculture services needed in exhibition and workshop at regional and national level
  • Multiplication of seeds of recommended rice varieties and distributing to the farmers
  • Analyzing and reporting of soil,water and compost samples of the farmers. Based on the soil test value, site specific fertilizer recommendation is given.
  • Participate as resource persons for different programs/ workshops organized by various organizations.
  • Collection of agro meteorological data and providing them to the Department of meteorology, Colombo and NRMC, Peradeniya regularly and for need base other purposes
  • Production of breeder’s seed of the selected recommended Bw rice varieties for the national seed production program of the country


Ms. R.F.Hafeel
Additional Director
Ms.W.D.P. Weerasinghe
Deputy Director (Research) (Act)​
Dr N.P.S. De Silva
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Dr. D.M.Withnawasam
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Mr. I.Dissanayake
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Mrs. T.G.I.Sandamali
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)
Address : Regional Rice Research & Development Center, Bombuwala, Sri Lanka Email :  rardc.bw@doa.gov.lk Telephone : +94   342 281673 Fax : +94   342 281673 Open : Mon to Fri – 8.30am to 4.15pm (Saturday & Sunday Closed)