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Rice-the staple food-Crop Establishment

Wet-bed Method


Nursery location       

  • Develop in a part of the same field that crops will be grown.
    • total seed bed area is about 1/10 of the area to be transplanted.
    • nursery site should not be in a shady place

Construction of the seed bed

  • Soil is well puddled and leveled before nursery establishment.
  • Drainage canals are constructed between seed beds for proper water management.
  • Decomposed organic manure and basal inorganic fertilizer dressing is added
    • facilitates easy uprooting of seedlings.
    • increases seedling vigor.

Nursery maintanance 

  • Maintained in a moist condition for about 5 days.
    • free from weeds, pests and diseases.
    • without nutrient deficiencies.

Seed Paddy


Seed prepraration

  • Soaked for a minimum of 24 hours (using clean water).
  • Incubated for about 48 hours (in a warm dry place).  

Nursery establishment

  • Nursery is drained well before seed sowing.
  • Pre-germinated seeds are broadcasted uniformly over the seed bed.
  • Once the seedlings are established,
      • nursery is impounded with water.
      • water level is raised gradually.
  • Seedlings are kept for about 12-21 days (depending on the age class of the variety).


Wet-bed nurseries assure rapid seedling growth and allow easy uprooting of seedlings.