Grain Legume & Oil Crops Research and Development Centre (GLORDC), Angunakolapelessa


Grain Legume and Oil Crops Research and Development Centre


Grain Legume and Oil Crops Research and Development Centre (GLORDC) is located in DL1b agro-ecological zone of Southern Dry zone in Sri Lanka. The Centre is functioning under Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Maha-illuppallama. The Research and Development programs of the center mainly focus on two main crop groups; Grain Legume and Oil Crops while fruits and vegetable programs are also undertaken considering their regional importance. GLORDC is working with our satellite Agriculture Research Station at Weerawila which is located in DL5 agro-ecological region, the programs are planned based on both national and regional needs in the thematic areas of Crop Improvement, Agronomy, Plant Protection, Soil Science, Water Management, Food Science and Plant Tissueculture.


This centre was established by River Valley Development Board (RVDB) for Cotton Research and Development activities in 1969. In 1977, the centre was handed-over to the Department of Agriculture and named as Regional Agriculture Research and Development Centre (RARDC).With the restructuring of DOA in 2001, the centre was renamed as Grain Legume and Oil Crops Research and Development Centre for carrying out efficient and intensive research and development work on Grain Legumes and Oil crops. Since then the centre innovate and develop technologies on crop husbandry in Grain Legumes, Oil seed crops and regionally important fruit and vegetables along with development of farming systems and transfer of technologies to enhance agricultural productivity in the country.


  • Development of improved high yielding Oil Seed crops and Grain Legumes adaptable to irrigated and rainfed environments of Dry Zone of Sri Lanka.
  • Development of plant protection strategies to minimize crop losses due to insect pest, diseases and weeds.
  • Development of improved agronomic practices to raise crop and land production while reducing the cost of production
  • Development of improved soil and water management and conservation methods for the Dry Zone crop growing environment
  • Testing of adaptability of new improved varieties and technologies.
  • Development of technologies to minimize the post-harvest losses and value addition of Grain Legumes and Oil Crops (GLOCs)
  • Varietal improvement and development of agronomic packages for regionally important fruits and vegetables grown in Dry Zone of Sri-Lanka


The mandate of Grain Legume and Oil Crops Research and Development Centre (GLORDC), Angunakolapelessa is to generate new varieties and technologies on Grain Legume and Oil crops, to take initiative steps to popularize the varieties and to disseminate technologies to all the stake holders.

Services offered

  • Production and supplying breeder seeds and basic planting material of released varieties of OFCs, Vegetables and Fruits.
  • Soil testing and recommending site specific fertilizer application.
  • Collection and providing meteorological data.
  • Consultation on pest / disease control and diagnostic services.
  • Dissemination of technology generated through research to the field officers, farmers and other interested groups through training, demonstration 


Achieve national prosperity through excellence in Grain Legume and Oil Seed Crops.



Be the national centre for achieving economic re-vitalization of the farmers in the Grain Legume and Oil Seed Crops sector and to assure national food security through generation, development and dissemination of technology necessary for priority Grain Legume and Oil Seed Crops to cater to sustainable and comparative field crops production in Sri Lanka.

Grain Legumes & Oil Crops


Gaminie Abeywickrama

Additional Director

OIC, PQS, Rajapaksha International Airport, Mattala

Gaminie Abeywickrama

Additional Director
OIC, PQS, Rajapaksha International Airport, Mattala

Horticulture Division - Vegetables

D. Weerasekara

Principal Agriculture Scientist - Plant Breeding (GL&OC)

Agronomy Division

D.A. Shirani

Principal Agriculture Scientist - Agronomy (GL&OC)

Soil Science Division

U.A.J. Ratnayake

Principal Agriculture Scientist - Soil Science (GL&OC)

Plant Breeding Division -Oil Crops

Y.P.J. Amarasinghe

ADA (Research)

Plant Breeding Division- Grain Legumes

B.N. Samaranayake

ADA (Research) Plant Breeding / Grain Legume

Horticulture Division - Fruits

W.A. Wijithwarna

ADA (Research) Plant Breeding / Fruit Crops

Food Science & Post Harvest Technology Division

I.R. Liayanage

ADA (Research) Food Technology

Socio Economic Division

N.P. Liyanage

ADA (Economic )

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