FCRDI Divisions – Plant Breeding Divisions



Plant Breeding Divisions

Mandate of the Division

To develop high yielding other field crop varieties (Open pollinated & Hybrid) with resistant or tolerant to biotic & abiotic stress conditions and adaptable to local environmental conditions.

Other Field Crops:

  • Coarse Grains: Maize, Finger millet, Sorghum and Other millets.
  • Condiments: Chilli, Big Onion and Red Onion.
  • Grain Legumes: Mungbean, Blackgram, Cowpea, Soybean, Pigeon Pea and Horsegram.
  • Oil Seed Crops: Ground nut, Sesame, Sunflower and Mustard.

Regional Mandate:

  • Fruits, Vegetables and Rice


  1. Conducting training and awareness programs on following aspects
    • Crop management practices of OFC in different farming environments.
    • Self-seed production & community based quality seed production.
    • Potential for OFC cultivation in the country.
    • Productivity enhancement in OFCs.
    • Production of hybrid seeds.
  2. Field investigations upon request by farmers or other stake holders to give recommendations on different field problems.
  3. Technology dissemination through media and other campaigns like exhibitions & field days.
  4. Supplying of Breeder seeds of all OFC varieties to SPMDC.
  5. Supplying of parental/nuclear seeds to public & private sector for hybrid seed production in chilli and maize.
  6. Evaluation of exotic OFC varieties.


  • Developed improved hybrids and open pollinated varieties of OFC’s.
  • Improved technology for true seed production of big onion & red onion.
  • Improved technology for hybrid seed production of chilli & maize.
  • Technology to maintain the genetic purity of developed open pollinated varieties.

Officers of the Division

Dr. K.N. Kannangara
Principal Agriculture Scientist - Plant Breeding (Chilli)
Mr. B.I. Hettiarachchi
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Breeding (Onion)
Mr. D.C.M.S.I. Wijewardena
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Breeding (Coarse Grains)
Ms. M.J.M.P. Kumararathna
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Breeding (Mungbean and Blackgram)
Ms. N.H.M.S. Chithrapala
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Breeding (Cowpea and Soybean)
Ms. W.A.R. Dhammika
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Breeding (Bio Technology)
Ms. H.M.S.N. Herath
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research) - Plant Breeding