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Services & Programs


  • Implementation of Seed Act 2003 no 22
  • Certification of the quality of basic seeds of rice, vegetable, OFC,potato and planting materials before multiplication.
  • Certification of the quality commercial seeds and planting materials of Rice, Vegetables, Other Field Crops (OFC) and Potatoes and planting materials.
  • Fruit plant certification and fruit plant nursery registration.
  • Selection and registration of suitable Fruit Mother Plants.
  • Laboratory testing of local and imported seeds for germination, viability, purity and moisture.
  • Conducting Post -control grow out trials for imported and locally produced seeds to evaluate the quality and performance of seed and planting materials in the field.
  • Conducting test on Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) testing, prior to release of new crop varieties.
  • Conducting seed health testing to assure disease free seeds.
  • Training and awareness for Seed growers, Nurserymen, Seed men and Officers on quality seeds and planting material production in relation to Seed Act and Seed Certification Standards.
  • Find out solutions to overcome problems on quality seed and planting material production by conducting applied seed technology research programs.
  • Seed quality development and promotion activities.
  • Quality assurance of storage seed lots by testing and lot breaking.
  • Denominations of imported vegetable and OFC seeds prior to marketing.
  • Database management and monitoring.
  • Publishing Fruit nurserymen Directory annually and seed producer’s Directory seasonally.


  • Certification of seed paddy.
  • Certification of vegetable seeds.
  • Certification of Other field crops.
  • Certification of seed potato.
  • Certification of fruit plants.
  • Registration of mother plants.
  • Certification of breeder seeds.
  • DUS (Distinctness, Uniformity, Stability) Testing.
  • Seed Testing (Local and Imported Seeds).
  • Implementation of Seed Act.
  • Seed health testing and Seed researches.
  • Publishing of guidelines and relevant booklets of seed certification procedure and Seed Act.