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SCPPC Sub Units

Plant Protection Service

Plant Protection Service (PPS) comes under the purview of Seed Certification and Plant Protection Centre (SCPPC), Department of Agriculture (DOA), Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. The activities of Plant Protection Service include,  implementation of Plant Protection Act No. 35 of 1999, through empowering of authorized officers and stakeholders on relevant provisions appointed island wide, Management of pest/disease outbreaks, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of field level Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes in rice, vegetables, fruits, other field crops and home gardens, Mitigating the impact of aquatic weeds and other invasive flora on agricultural lands with training of officers and farmers, Conducting bio-efficacy trials for pesticides especially weedicides and termiticides in farmers’ fields, and  termite control activities in the DOA/Government building premises.


Furthermore, the Plant Protection Service is the coordinating centre of the activities of the Permanent Crop Clinic Programme (PCCP) with the collaboration of the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI).

Other activities of PPS include rodent management in rice fields, pest management in places of national and historic importance, and implementing a pest surveillance system and advising through stakeholder networking.



Adopting the provisions of the Plant protection act No.35 of 1999 while promoting effective pest management strategies which cause least harm to the environment ensuring protection of local Agriculture.



  • Protection of flora and environment of Sri Lanka
  • Minimize the use of synthetic pesticides in pest management
  • Strengthen national plant protection system of Sri Lanka
  • Pest surveillance, forecasting and outbreak management
  • Timely management of alien invasive species (IAS)
  • Efficient household pest management


  • Timely involvement for pest control on request
    • Emergency large scale pesticide application for outbreake.
  • Introduce biological control agents for the control of aquatic invasive alien species
    • Mass rearing of biological agents; Cytobagous salviniea for salvinia
    • Neochetina bruchi and Neochetina eichhorniae for water hyacinth.
    • Introduction of biological agents into fresh water bodies to
      control salvinia and water hyacinth

More Services
  • Pilot scale testing of weedcides/termiticides
    • Pilot scale testing of novel pesticides in farmers’ fields
  • Termite control activities in DOA/Government building premises
  • Management of pests in special premises and historically important tree conservation
  • Exhibitions, mass media programs, etc.

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