Rambutan Research Unit, Eraminigolla

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Rambutan Research Unit


This unit is located in Eraminigolla village which belongs to Andiramada Grama Niladhari Division of Rambukkana Secretariat Division in Kegalle District. There is little research on Rambutan and conservation of Rambutan varieties. In addition, mother plants are also found. Transplanting plants are produced here and the seedlings are sold and transplanted plants are provided for the projects of the department. 122 Rambutan trees, there are 10 grafted jackfruit trees and 15 grafted mason trees. This unit covers an area of 1.912 square hectares. Rambutan yield is also a major source of income from native plants.


This centre was established in 1967 mainly for Rambutan crop improvement. Commenced with 95 selected budded rambutan trees the number has now increased to 122 trees. Subsequently   10 budded jack seedlings and   15 budded masan seedlings were planted in year 1998 and 2014 respectively.



Fruit sector development to achieve excellence for national prosperity and a   healthy nation.



  • Provision of practical training   pertaining to Rambutan crop cultivation and improvement
  • Planting material production and distribution
  • Advisory services to farmers

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Head of RRU

Development officers Mrs. H.M.S.C. Jayasooriya 076 91 52 706 samudrikaj@gmail.com

Mr. I.K.R.P.D.Bandara

Agriculture Instructor

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