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Regional Rice Research & Development Centre - Bombuwa

Agriculture Publication Unit is one of the main mass media units of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) nestling under the Information and communication center of the Department of Agriculture. This Unit was established in 1982 under the purview of Education and Training Division of the DOA to expedite publishing of agriculture publications in time.



Currently, it has been gradually modernized to produce huge number of printed materials in support of agriculture extension and communication activities. The DOA in the recent past has provided modern equipment for the development of infrastructure facilities for mass media. The APU is presently well equipped with digital printers and modern offset printing facilities.




This unit has two sub units namely Agriculture printing press at Gannoruwa and distribution and sales centre at Peradeniya.

Agriculture press under the purview of this unit caters the entire printing requirement of the DOA and it includes technical and non-technical publications. In addition to this, it undertakes the printing requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture.




  • Publishing of periodicals of DOA
  • Publishing of technical publications of DOA
  • Printing of publications for other Institutes and centres of DOA
  • Compiling, Editing, and Graphic designing of Publications
  • Printing work for Ministry of Agriculture
  • Distribution and sales of agriculture publications


Regional Rice Research & Development Centre - Staff

Head of the Agriculture Publication Unit - Gannoruwa
Mr. H.J.K. Keerthirathna

ADA (Development)

Ms. N.W.D.A.D. Kannangara Dip. in Agriculture 0812 388 665
Ms. N.W.D.A.D. Kannangara
Dip. in Agriculture
Ms. S.M.C.N. Samarakoon
Agriculture Instructor
Mr. J.R.B. Herath
Agriculture Instructor
Mr. M.D. Samarakoon
Agriculture Instructor
Mrs. Gunasekara
Agriculture Instructor
Mr. C.J. Alahakoon
Development officer
Mr. G.M. Samaradivakara
Development officer
Ms. R.D.G.Rajamuni
Development officer
Mrs. R.M.S.C.Ratnayake
Chief Public management Assistant
Mrs. G.W.N. santhilatha
Management Assistant

Address : Rice Research and Development Institute(RRDI),Bathalagoda, Ibbagamuwa, Sri Lanka

Email : rrdi@doa.gov.lk

Telephone : (+94) 0372258561

Fax : (+94) 0212 285 406

Open : Mon to Fri – 8.30am to 4.30pm (Saturday & Sunday Closed)