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Variety name : H-4
Year of release : 1958
Pedigree : Murungakayan 302/Mas
Average yield : 3.5 t/ha
Maturity : 136 days
Plant height : 93.0 cm
Basal leaf sheath colour : Dark green
Recommendation : General cultivation


Grain Quality Characteristics

Brown rice recovery  80.00%
Milling recovery 72.70%
Head rice recovery  61.40%
Amylose content High
Gelatinization temperature High
1000 grain weight 28.3 g
Grain shape Long Medium
Pericarp colour Red
Bushel weight 20.8 kg
Buff colour presence  No

Reaction to P & D


BlastBacterial Leaf BlightBrown Planthopper
Moderately ResistantModerately ResistantModerately Resistant