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RRID Research



  • Conducting and coordinating National Rice Variety Testing Program (NCRVT) 
  • Coordinating VAT and LSVAT trials  
  • Farmer participatory research on best management practices  
  • Adaptation and mitigation practices for biotic stresses
  • Observation and giving solutions for farmer field agronomic problems
  • Conducting Training and awareness  programson agronomic aspects of rice


  • Release of Bg 251, the first drought tolerant rice variety in Sri Lanka
  • An agronomic packages for mechanical transplanting of rice
  • An improved agronomic package for flooded – direct seeded rice to minimize herbicide usage.
  • Introduction of short age (98-100 days) drought tolerant rice line, IRDTN 7-11 medium age rice lines, Zhonghua (103-107 days) and Aeron 9-3 (100-103 days)

Research & Publications

Testing of promising rice lines in low county intermediate zone – (NCRVT )…