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Rice sheath mite

Sheath mite can be considered as a serious pest in rice crop causing 5% – 90% yield losses.It is microscopic in size.Sheath mites live in the space between leaf sheaths and feed on the adaxial surface of leaf sheath and developing kernels.


High infestation at booting stage of the crop  can be observed as symptoms  of chocolate brown colour lesions on leaf sheaths

Effective control methods

  • Destroy infected stubbles by plugging just after harvesting or by burning.
  • Sun drying of seed paddy before soaking.
  • Weed management
  • Monitor the crop from early booting stage for chocolate color lesions on leaf sheaths.
  • Single application of recommended insecticides if the signs have been observed.
  • Crop rotation with leguminous crops such a meeng
  • Follow the fied for 2-3 seasons if the problem was not controlled with the above measures.