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Rice In Sri Lanka - Pests of Rice

Grain weevil

Two species of stored product pests belongs to genus Sitophilus are found in rice in Sri Lanka. They are Sitophilus granerius and S. oryzae. Infestation of these two species starts in the field. Eggs laid on rice seeds, hatch into tiny grubs which feed the grain. Mature larvae are legless and dirty white about 4 mm long. Pupation takes place in the grain. Adult beetles are small brown weevils. They are about 3.5-4.0 mm long with rostrum.

Control Measures

  • This pest could be controlled by spraying the store with pirimiphos-methyl at the rate of 27 ml per 9 liters of water. 
  • Spray gunny bags with the same insecticide and sundry them before use.