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Rice-the staple food-Crop Establishment

Wet Seeding

How do we perform wet seeding 

  • Pre-germinated seeds are used as the planting material.
  • Pre germinated seeds are broadcasted in to the field.
    • Randomly.
    • In rows (manually or using mechanical seeders).
  • Seed rate – ~400 seeds per square meter.
  • After seeds are sown, field is intermittently wetted to avoid desiccation.
  • Water is impounded to the field to about 2cm height, about a week after sowing (5 cm tall seedlings).

What are the important factors that need special attention?

  • Stand establishment may be affected by various factors and result variable seedling densities in the field, such as,
    • quality of seeds
    • seed vigor
    • quality of land preparation
    • weed competition
    • water management
    • environmental conditions (e.g. rainfall during the initial period after sowing)
    • physical damages
  • Use of seed paddy with a good seed vigor may help overcoming these issues.
  • Row seeding will assit
  • However, row seeding is practiced in limited scale because of the cost and the difficulty in obtaining implements.