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Mobile Applications

You can download following mobile apps for Anroid phones using Google Play Store

Details About “Krushi Advisor” mobile app is an Android version agriculture mobile app providing agricultural advisory services for food crop cultivation in Sri Lanka. The “Krushi Advisor” is an offline mobile app that can be used when there is limited access to internet facility.


This app gives fertilizer recommendation for paddy in Grama Niladhari divitions level.

After analyzing soil samples obtained from paddy fields in each Grama Niladhari Division in each district of Sri Lanka by the Department of Agriculture, the soil conditions of each paddy field have been studied and fertilizer recommendations for paddy cultivation in respect of each Grama Niladhari Division.

Crop need definite time period from field establishment to harvesting. Area under cultivation determine the supply and market condition at harvesting stage and it lead to price fluctuation. By providing information about the field condition at the decision making stage of field establishment and forecast market information at harvesting stage to assist the farmers to easy decision making in order to ensure farmer income by controlling price drop and consumer satisfaction by minimizing increasing of price level are the objectives of this software. 

The Krushi Radio Android App is absolutely FREE. Listen to your current favorite Sinhala songs and Agriculture Programs HD quality, Krushi Radio, you need to have uninterrupted Internet connection.

Sri Lanka’s first agriculture radio station. Krushi Radio owned and operated by Television & Farm Broadcasting Service of Department of Agriculture Sri Lanka

AgriStaff is the Official telephone directory mobile application developed by the Information and Communication Centre, Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka. AgriStaff contains contact details of over 4,000 Officers in the fields of Extension, Research & Development. AgriStaff App is free of charge to connect all the Officers in the Department of Agriculture & Provincial Departments of Agriculture in Sri Lanka as an offline mobile application. 


National Pest Surveillance System for the Plant Protection Service (PPS) of the Department of Agriculture. The app facilitates efficient data collection and reporting of pest surveillance activities. 

Krushi Tv video programs produced by the National Agriculture Information and Communication Center’s Video Division are an innovative audio-visual communication system for the socialization of agro-technical information of the Department of Agriculture.
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