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Graphic Communication & Training Division

The graphic section of the Department of Agriculture has been established at the National Agriculture Information and Communication Center to design all the print media related to the agriculture sector of the Department of Agriculture. The main task of the division is to carry out basic graphic design works in all printed and e-publications. Multimedia CD-ROMs are also developed for agro-technical information dissemination.

Service of Graphic Communication Division

01. Planning of preliminary print design work of the new Agricultural Information introduced by the professionals of the Department of Agriculture.

02. Preliminary print creation work of the messages sent by the Department of Agriculture to make the public aware.

03. Designing of Brochures, Banners, Directories and Research Posters)

04. Preparing printed works in agriculture related newspapers, magazines and technical books.

05. Creation of all notice boards for exhibitions by Department of Agriculture

06. Creation of Multimedia CD-ROM with Agricultural Technology Information

Press Printing

Large Printing(Digital)

Service of Training Division

Training Division of the National Agriculture Information and Communication Center (NAICC) provides coordination of training activities for the officers in the field of agriculture. The institute also has the required IT training facilities and is able to provide the required courses on request.
The fees for the computer lab for government institutions other than the affiliates of the Department of Agriculture is Rs. 80 each. The computer lab has 30 computers and is equipped with multimedia and internet facilities.

Training Courses,

  1. Internet and E mails
  2. File Management using Computers
  3. MS Office applications (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Presentation)
  4. Information & Communication Technology

Year Plan & Training Center Online Reservation

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Head of the Graphic Communication and Training Division

Mr. N.A. Roshan Perera

Assistant Directer of Agriculture (Development)

Mr. R.G.A. Gunasekara

Assistant Director of Agriculture

Mrs. K.M.S.U.M. Dissanayake
ICT Officer
Mrs. M.K.D.M. Sriyantha Menike
Agriculture Instructor
Mrs. L.B. Narangammana
Agriculture Instructor