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National Agriculture Information and Communication Centre

Address: Gannoruwa, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Email :

Telephone : +94 812 030040/ 41/ 42/ 43

Fax : +94 812 030048

Address: Gannoruwa, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Email :

Telephone : +94 812 030040/ 41/ 42/ 43

Fax : +94 812 030048

Agriculture Technology News Letter (AgTech)

Agriculture Technology News Letter (AgTech)

Agriculture Technology News Letter (AgTech)

1.   Rise in carrot price and environmental impact

2.   Insect pests of Cassava

3.   New two peach varieties from DOA

4.   Two main disease conditions affecting maize cultivation

5.   A new variety of Mustard from Department of Agriculture

6.   A new Mandarin variety from Department of Agriculture

7.   Four new varieties of mangoes from Department of Agriculture

8.   Department of Agriculture introduces seedless new Pummello variety

9.   Environmentally friendly pest control measures for Armyworm control in Maize

10.   Department of Agriculture introduce 2 new varieties of Pomegranate

11.   An easy new way to successfully carryout the germination of passion fruit seeds and vigorous seedling production

1.    Control of fall armyworm by egg parasite.

2.    Let’s be aware of the yellowing of the leaves and stunted growth in rice cultivation

3.   New insect damage to Udala cultivations.

4.   Microgreens for your home

5.   Recipes of microgreens

6.   Detection and control of fast-spreading cassava lace bug damage

7.   Electronic Phytosanitary Certificate

8.   A new value for Nai Miriz

9.   Hordi Mushroom Curly

10.   A farmer’s friend for white fly control

11.   New food products from kollu

12.   Mapping soil nutrient status in paddy fields

13.  2 new varieties of Elabatu

14.   Biocontrollers to control Japan Jabara and Salvinia

15.  Value added products from Jumbo Peanuts

16. Value-added products from baby Jack Fruit for off-season use

17.  New bio fertilizers that favourable for soil

18. Integrated Wild Rice Management Package

19.  Let’s identify the symptoms of weedicide poisoning

20. Toxicity of Pretilachlor weedicide

1.   A hybrid pineapple made by joining “Mursi” & “Kiwi”

2.   To make high quality eggplant seeds..

3. Agro-met forecast for January, February and March during the 2021/22 Maha season

4. Wild rats feel the difference between rice varieties.

5. An Adjustment to Tissue Cultivation Method of Kolikuttu propagation

6. Paddy variety B. G. 314 that is friendly to the paddy field even though under low rainfall.

7. Significant progress in toor dhal research

8.  A new nutrient treatment for vegetables grown in protected houses.

9. An attempt to produce paddy varieties that tolerate soil salinity and flooding

10.  Storage conditions affecting the germination strength of chilli seeds.

11. Bean variety kakulu keeps immature look for long

12. Storage conditions affecting okra, tomato and bean seeds

13. Agro-met Advisory – February to April 2022

14. An attempt to produce seedless Soursop fruits

15. A hint to produce lodging resistant paddy varieties

16. About Protective Seed Pack with three layers

17. Breeding program against empty grains of paddy due to cold stress.

18. Looking for a rice variety that blooms early in the morning to avoid the heat

19. Is it possible to ripen the fruit in an instant by applying a liquid?

20.  A GAP certificate for the farm

21. Is the dry chilli selling environment in the local market correct?

22. Agro-met Advisory – March to May 2022

23. Planting materials for next cultivation from harvested cabbage cultivation

24. Underutilized fruit plants from Gannoruwa Nursery

25. Consumer protection from the “Gap” certification

26. An eco-friendly simple method of weed control in lowcountry wetzone paddy fields

27. Nutritious biscuits made from a mixture of manioc and soybeans

28. The effect of heat on the nutrients of certain vegetables

29. Organic fertilizer treatment that improves the quality of cucumbers

30. Guidelines for weed control in the paddy fields during the forthcoming Yala season

31. More advices on weed control in paddy fields during the upcoming Yala season

32. Agro-met Advisory – April, May & June 2022

33. Nellie fits into an infertile place in the home garden

34. Unauthorized weedicides that damage paddy cultivation

35. Underutilized fruits with high antioxidants

36. Tricho compost kills pathogens in the soil in addition to nutrient supply

37. ACERO card to control papaya mealybug,

38. This time the Yala harvest is more valuable than ever

39. Agrochemical import restrictions are over, but..

40. Control of aphids by biological control …

41. Why did home gardening accelerate?

42. Do not delay Yala anymore !

43. A caterpillar invasion for the Yala paddy cultivations.

44. Home garden based on nutrition.

45. A little help to food shortage from Halmessan Dambala.

46. Potted sweet potato cultivation that gives strength to the cultivation program

47. Risky to start new Yala paddy cultivation now.

48. Hidden nutrition nearby

49. Be interested in growing yams as well as caring

50. New power to farming by sponsored farming programe.

51. Local Yellow Narang that save dollars

52. A shortage of seed paddy for the coming Maha season

53. Lots of processed foods from sweet potatoes

54. Urea and Biuret

55. Let’s preserve vegetables at home in the freezer

56. Bio-pest control practices are also successful in farmland

57. Control of virus deceases of pumking by following recommended agronomic practices

58. In order not to waste the urea received

59. Many harms from the use of illegal pesticides

60. Mid-season cultivation that brings fertilizer and organic matter to the field

61. A steady supply of organic matter to the field

62. Macadamia growing in cool mountains

63. Identification of Correct maturity stage of paddy will minimize the yield loss.

64. Matching of combined harvester with seed paddy cultivator.

65. Rice variety suitable for industry was released

66. A white rice variety with fine grain from Labuduwa

67. Bg – 377 new rice variety that grows well even when water is scarce

68.   A high-yielding white Nadu rice suitable for wet zone – At 378

69. A portion of fertilizer is applied to the field along with the sowing of seedlings

70. More responsibility to the paddy transplanting machine

71. A struggle for a BPH free Maha season.

72. Fertilizer application to paddy cultivation based on mapping information

73. Identify sheath mite damage at early stages

74. Hybrid tomato grafting to local varieties has many advantages

75. higher yield from shoot management of grafted hybrid tomato

76. Does imported rice contain heavy metal poison?

77. Parachute for Kurakkan cultivation

78. “Aphids killer” card to farm fields easily

79. Pasta with cassava flour

80. Paddy variety “Rathu Heenati” consist of some genes against the Brown plantHopper.

1. An aggressive plant species

2. Does the cold of the night decrease the grain harvest?

3. Yellow stem borers

4. The “Pesticide Liquid Spray” should be calibrated

5. Leaf Shrinking caterpillar

6. Many new crop varieties are introduced

7. herbicides needs clean water

8. Risk of crop rot disease!

9. A new variety of lime

10. A new black sesame variety..

11. A pharmacy in the garden … “Horana Beli – 01”

12. MIBG-3 and MIBG-4, a new variety of undu ..

13. Drumstick diseases

14. Two delicious “gaduguda” varieties

15. The pesticide liquid spray should be calibrated. (For liquid spraying machines for tall plants

16.  High quality mango variety for the wet zone. “Gannoruwa Mango 01”

17. Potted turmeric seedlings plants are placed in cultivation lands to overcome the turmeric challenge

18. If you need the service of compact plowing for green gram cultivation land …

19. Agro-met forecast for March, April and May during the 2021 Yala season

20. An increase in the prevalence of manioc virus

21. Are you concerned about the nozzle of the sprayer?

22. Two New Country Bread Varieties Horana Bread – 01 and 02 are now recommended for farming

23. An idea about weed control in the upcoming Yala season

24. Ash gourd to meet the demand

25. A step to reduce the use of herbicides in paddy fields

26. Attention before the aflatoxin risk in coconut oil

27. Agro-met Advisory 2021 Yala Season (April)

28. Prevent infection recommended to contorl anthracnose ….

29. Suitable land preparation technology for the paddy field

30. Role of surfactant..

31. Sena’s influence for the Yala season

32. Updated Weather Forecast

33. pigeon pea research

34. An easy way to increase the organic composition of paddy soil …

35. Are you ready to spray pesticides?

36.  Land preparation

37.  Mixed crop cultivation benefits

38.  Indigenous crop varieties that strengthen organic farming

39.   Updated Weather Forecast –  June and July 2021

40.  Soil care to be applied to the soil with plant nutrients – Bio Charcoal

41.  Organic Material Recommendation

42.  A guide to the production and sale of organic pesticides

43.  Trichoderma, a biological fungicide

44.  Pelagonic acid

45.  sesame cultivation

46.  An organic solution to control disease on tomatoes

47.  An advantage to the paddy field

48.  An easy way to protect drumstic …

49. Consider weed distribution along with compost use

50. Updated weather forecast for the rest of the 2021 Yala season

51. Larger paddy fields are more advantageous

52. Before making compost from  japanjabara

53.  Azolla is a living mulch for weed control in paddy fields.

54.  Food wrapper

55. An easy way to give nitrogen to the paddy field

56. Eco – friendly food wrapper

57. Rambutan wrapped in sugar honey

58. An insect that destroys the flour beetle

59. There are no nuts in the passion fruit vine

60. Passion fruit pollen…

61. Agro-Meteorological Advisory – September to November during the 2021/22 maha Season

62. Method of breeding Azolla

63. High benefits of passion fruit cultivation

64.  Agro Meteorological Advisory from October to December 2021 (Maha season 2021/22)

65. Use of invasive plants for compost making facilitates weed control.

66.  A fungus that provides phosphorus for paddy cultivation.

67. Agro Meteorological Advisory – November 2021 to January 2022 (Maha season 2021/22)

68.  A guide to making fertile compost

69.  Self-sufficiency from dry chilli is not a challenge.

70.  Local hybrid papaya variety

71. Suitable C:N ratio for compost production

72. Let’s identify the soil and improve the quality

73. A  biological control fence for  tomato fruit borer

74. Horana Gold Passionfruit for higher income from Passionfruit cultivation

75. “Horana Chempedak” less known delicious fruit

76. Agro Meteorological Advisory – December 2021 to February 2022 (Maha season 2021/22)

77. One lakh monthly income from 100 hybrid spiny gourd vines grown in wet and intermediate zones

78. More benefits of cultivating Drumsticks for leaves

79. Food coloring from Pumpkin

80. An attempt to control brown plant hopper by using plant extracts

81. Soil treatment to thrips control.

82. Improving the quality of seeds by polymer and fungicide film coating

1. Mode of action code of pesticide label provides useful information

2. Three new hybrid varieties for farmers

3. New groundnut variety with larger seeds

4.  New Mango variety with short plant habit and spreading canopy – TIRUNELVELI Yellow

5.  Soft, Fleshy and Sweet Guava variety – Gannoruwa Guava

6. Two high yielding paddy varieties of 3 and 4 months age groups – Bw 312 and Bg 409

7.  Cultivation of medicinal mushrooms – Ganoderma

8. Automated Micro Irrigation System​

9.  Pay attention on Dessert Locust

10. Pay attention on illegal pesticides

11. Improved paddy varieties are not genetically modified​ ones

12. Can underestimate new improved paddy varieties on the basis of Glycemic index

13. Cropping season without imported phosphate fertilizer

14. Insect damage of Mawathagama is not due to dessert locust

15. Cultivation of local Garlic

16. Value added products from wood apple pulp

17. Anonna seed extract for home garden pest control

18. Proper pruning is a must for successful high density mango crop

19.  Control measures of weedy rice in forthcoming maha season

20. Mid-season cultivation of mung bean on stubble has started

21. Control measures of Anthracnose of big onion

22.  Avoid using illegal Glyphosate

23. Rejuvenate pruning will give a new look to old mango trees

24. Two new Nematicides for integrated pest control

25. Artificial pollination for higher yield of Anonna


26. Agro meteorological Advisory for the first part of 2020/21 Maha season

27. Control measures for peanut seed bug

28. Environmental friendly disposal way for empty containers of pesticides

29. Leaf rotting disease of Aloe may affect agriculture crops


30.  Outbreak of Gall midge in paddy may occur


31.  Control of leaf and fruit miner in Tomato – Tuta absoluta


32. Weed control during the first month is important in vegetable cultivation


33. Live mulch for weed control in vegetables


34.  Most vegetables are now susceptible for wilt


35.  We have many fall armyworm controlling arthropods


36. Paddy broadcasting on water helps efficient weed control


37. Environment helps rodents control in paddy fields

38. Agro meteorological Advisory for the middle part of 2020/21 Maha season


39. Sheath mites in paddy

40. Homemade peanut butter

41. Correct way of planting grafted Duriyan plant

42. The correct method of processing the turmeric harvest

43.  Let’s prevent diseases of the durian plant

44.  Some insect damage on the durian plant

45. Value-added products from durian

46. To reduce the “aflatoxin” content of peanut harvest.

47. Why it should be boiled first when preparing turmeric?

48. A tool of weed control …

49. Crop poisoning by “artificial herbicides”

50. Field level farmers do not pay enough attention to control ‘brown plant mite’

51. Here are guidelines for use “Foligen Virus”

52. Premature turmeric

1. Two varienties of high yielding Wood apple are recommended

2. Vitamin C supplement “Shaddok”

3. If the next planting season is to free the brown seed mite

4.  Management of “Sena caterpillar” for future maize cultivation

5. Sylvania can be managed without threatening harvest

6. Cream Pumpkin Soup

7. Seniors follow agronomic methods to protect vegetables from Sena Caterpillar

8.  Forecast for water management in the next Yala season

9. Look at the code and select the weed killer of the paddy field

10. Sena caterpillars feed on vegetables and grass and risk returning

11. Farmer support is essential for “Sena caterpillar” management in the next Yala season

12. Let’s identify bacterial leaf blight early in rice cultivation

13. Weather Forecast – Southwest Monsoon Rainfall (May – July) 2019 Yala Season

14. A virus that destroys “Sena” Caterpillar

15.  The caterpillar arrives early and the paddy are in danger

16.  Weather Forecast- July,August and Sept. 2019

17.  Sausage-style dish from jackfruit for vegitarians

18. Biofuel enables soil to hold nutrients and water

19.  Easy method for harvesting of green gram in mid-season

20. A successful method for storing Sweet Oranges

21.  Agro-Weather Advisory- Sep. to Nov. – 2019/20 Maha Season

22. A new disease in Rubber Plantation

23.  Red onion true seed production

24.  Lemons,Oranges and Narangs all under the same tree

25.  Domestic pesticides that permit us to go unnoticed

26. Agro-Weather Advisory- Nov. to Jan

27.  Fertilizer recommendation for paddy through a mobile phone application

28. Biological pesticides must also be registerd

29. A Method of pest control through a light stream

30.  Advise farmers on peanut seed processing

1.  Biological controls for Diamond moth in cabbage cultivation

2. Forestry set for paddy cultivation in low country wet zone

3. Let the mites out – Take care of the field

4.  Loss of root bumps roundworm of paddy crop

5. Make sure you are aware of liquid spray properly

6.  In the Paddy Cultivation, Use large cubes of urea for fertilizer and get more yield

7. New Recommended Varieties – 2017

8.  Southwest monsoon Rain 2018 (May – July)

9. Parachute technology for integrated weed management

10.  Protect the field from rapidly spreading brown plant mite and white mite damage

11. Disease management of Capsicum

12. New recommended Pesticides

13. Use pesticides responsibly

14.  Agro-weather forecasts for the October / December period of the 2018/19 maha season

15. An army of hungry caterpillars – An accident is near

16. Agrochemical Residues with Gotukola and Mukunuwenna

17. Let’s successfully control the Fall Armyworm

18. Plant a potted plant correctly in the ground

19.  When the cost of green chili is low, the advantages of making green chili powder from raw chilies

20.  Forest to be protected

1. Drought, Media and Jackfruit Leaves

2. Future programs of the Department of Agriculture for the Emergency Dry climate

3. New Recommended varieties – 2016

4. For the control of viral infections of flour millet and bean leaf – Follow integrated pest control practices

5. Let us cultivate soyabean under low water conditions

6.  For Mushroom cultivation – New machine for automatic mixing and filling for crop bags

7. Successfully manage anthracnose and purple disease in onion cultivation

8. Integrated pest control system for Tomato cultivation and fruit flies control

9. Meet the challenge of the weeds in paddy cultivation

10. Let us successfully manage the Ischaemum rugosum (Gojaravalu)

1. 2000 – July , August

2. 2000 – September , October

3. 2000 – November , December

4. 2002 – March , April

5.  2002 – May , June – 01

6. 2002 – May , June – 02

7.  2002 – May , June – 06

8. 2005 – July , October

9. 2006 – January , February

10. 2007 – May , June

11. 2007 – July , August

12. 2007 – September , October

13. 2008 – January , February