Tamil: HORDI variety – Kiri ala



Released varieties

Released year 2006

Dioscorea alata species

Purple flesh and highly demanded variety.

Released Year 2006

Dioscorea alata species

This variety produce large yam with white color flesh. Triangle shape yams.

This is the only one recommended variety. This variety can be identified using red line along the immature stem. Leaves are bluish green. 10-15 corms arise in one plant and one corm is about 125-150g and funnel shape comes has export qualities.

Dioscorea esculenta species

Small size yams are produced. About 15 yams are produced in one plant. One yam is about 450 g.

இப்பக்கம் வடிவமைப்பு செயற்பாட்டில் இருப்பதனால் அதுவரைக்கும் கீழேயுள்ள பக்கங்களை அணுகவும்.