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The water supply facility belongs to Department of Agriculture (DOA) in Kundasale consists of an intake, water treatment plant ,low lift and high lift pump houses, pumping main, two distribution reservoirs and distribution pipe network. The water supply scheme (WSS) is maintained by the Department of Agriculture and caters drinking water supply to DOA premises in Kundasale, School of Agriculture, NLDB farm, hostels, Quarters and offices etc. The WSS has been in service since 1978.The Capacity of the WSS is approximately 900 m3 per day.




The water supply facility belongs to Department of Agriculture, which was constructed around 1972 – 1975 and it plays a pivotal role by supplying purified and chemically treated water to the entire Agricultural complex in Kundasala.  While Seed Production Farm, Sri Lanka School of Agriculture, NLDB Farm and the Poultry Research Institute being the bulk users, there are many other institution that are benefited by this scheme.

Until NWS&DB started drinking water supply facility to the area in 2013-2014 periods, there was scarcity of water to the DOA premises as well as general public, and this system catered to the entire requirement of DOA and other government institutes as well. Even if NWS&DB is supplying water, the line pressure is insufficient to fulfill the demand of drinking water and still this system is providing water for domestic usage as well as cultivation during drought.

Further, the water quality was checked for the suitability for drinking purpose with the help of the laboratory of NWS&DB.


Head of the Agro Technology Park, Bata ata
Mr. K.R.W. Keerthi

Assistant Director of Agriculture

T.D. Wickramasooriya
Development Officer
R.M. Niluka Sandamali
Development officer
A.L.A. Harshani
Chief Public Management Officer
S.B. Thilini Poshika
Public Management Officer
H.W. Sahabandhu
Farm Clerk
H.A. Thilakarathna
Farm Manager
K.A.N.M. Kasthuriarachchi
Assistant Farm Manager
R.M.S.N. Rathnayake
Assistant Farm Manager
N.K. Kumanayake
Agriculture Instructor
H.G.N.S. Rathnapriya
Agriculture instructor
H.P.C. Yuresha
Agriculture instructor
K.T.M. Rangana
Technical Assistant
R.G. Nadeesha Sandamali
Technical Assistant
R. Garshana Priyashantha
Technical Assistant
A.U. Wijesekera
Technical Assistant
D.W. Umali Narmada
Technical Assistant
K.M.G. Chathurika Wijesinghe
Technical Assistant
W.T.B. Madusanka
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
K.G.P. Premaratne
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
D.S. Pathiraja
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
H.D.K. Gunasekara
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
L.B.C.W. Jayasinghe
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
H.W.G.M. Herath
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
H.W.S.K. Herath
Agriculture Extension Service Officer
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