Engineering – Divisions 2-Elec & Mech

Engineering Division LOGO
Engineering Division LOGO

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services Division

As one of main units of the engineering division, our main responsibilities are implementing mechanical engineering repairing and maintenance, electrical engineering repairing and maintenance, IT related repairing and maintenance, providing mechanical engineering related recommendations, electrical engineering related recommendations and procurement of goods and services. All repairing and maintenance tasks will be done by through the existing five regional engineering service terminals (REST).


Services of the Division

Provision of consultancy services to all construction and development projects, design, planning, management, progress review of all electrical and mechanical engineering work.

Preparation of designs plans and estimates for all electrical and mechanical engineering work and assess material, equipment and labor requirement in project feasibility studies.

While ensuring the wellbeing of all electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, vehicles and plants, plan, execute and manage all maintenance and servicing activities properly and in a timely manner.

Plan and execute all procurement activities in respect of all electrical and mechanical engineering construction and development projects.

While assisting the management of assets in the department provide necessary assessments and recommendations for repair and servicing them.

Operation and managing the Kundasale Regional Water Supply Scheme profitably and with accepted standards.

Operation and management of Regional Engineering Service Terminals profitably while delivering an all-round service in civil, electrical and mechanical repair, maintenance activities and assisting with field activities demanded by the engineering services institute.