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E - Agriculture Service

The Information Communication Technology(ICT) Division has been established at the National Agriculture Information and Communication Center (NAICC) with the objective of obtaining the contribution of information and communication to achieve development goals using agricultural data and information.

1. Creating and updating websites.
3. Designing and networking of computer networks.
4. Identifying and troubleshooting software and software errors.
5. Smart Phone App Design
6. Providing E – solutions to the technical problems of the Department of Agriculture through a panel of experts.
7. Using QR Code to provide agro-technical information  instantaneously.
8. Implementing Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube as the Official Social Media Network Services.


Service of this Division

01. Websites

Developing & Maintenance

02. Information Systems(MIS)

Developing & Maintenance

03. Mobile Applications

Developing & Maintenance

04. Social Media

Social Media
Developing & Maintenance

05. Training Programs

Developing & Maintenance

ICT Division - Staff