Agricultural Research Station – Muthukandiya

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Agricultural Research Station


Launched on 14.11.1984 with the assistance of the Government of Australia for Dry Zone Crop Development.

History of the institution

1984 Cultivation of plants such as Glyricidia, Ipil Ipil and various researches were done under the supervision of a research officer. Since the implementation of various demonstration varieties in time, since 2013, various research activities have been carried out to cultivate different types of fruits and vegetables.


To take steps to expand the cultivation of fruits in the area by conserving and researching the existing established tropical fruits and other fruits.


Provides grafted seedlings / seedlings and shoots as required and helps in imparting technical knowledge in agriculture.

Divisions and related services

Nursery development, establishment of various fruits in the field, soil conservation, increase in the use of organic fertilizers.

(This is being done with the full support and advice of the Deputy Director of Agriculture (Research) Maduruketiya and Director Horana.)

Technical Division


Head of ARS

Agriculture instructor Mr. E.L Sisira Jayathilaka 0718183236

Mr. W.M.Wijesinghe

Agricultural Instructor

Technical assistant
Mr. V.Akilan
Assistant Engineer
Mr. J.U.K.Wickramasiri
Technical assistant (Civil)
Administrative Officer
Administrative Officer
Administrative Officer
Administrative Officer

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