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Publication List (2015- 2019)

  • 1. Unique responses of three highly salt- tolerant wild Vigna species against salt stress. Junko Yoshida a.b*, Norihiko Tomookac*, Thetv Yee Khaingd, P.G.Sunil Shanthae, Hitoshi Naitof, Yosuke Matsudaa and Hiroshi Eharab,g,h aGratuate School of Bioresources, Mie University, Tsu, Japan; bGraduate School of Bioagricultural Science, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan; cGenetic Resource Center, National Agriculture and food Research Organanization, Tsukuba, Japan; dSeed Bank, Biotechnology, Plant Genetic Resource and Plant Protection Division, Department of Agriculture Research Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Naypidaw, Republic of the union of Myanmar; ePlant Genetic Resource Centre, Department of Agriculture Gannoruwa, Sri lanka; fCollege of Life Science, Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts, Kurashiki, Japan; 9International Center for Research and Education in Agriculture, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan; hApplied Social System Institute of Asia, Nagoya University, Nagoya,Japan.
  • 1. Karaputugala P.N., Edirisinghe, E.S.C., Fonseka, D.L.C.K., Samarasinghe, W.L.G.,(2018), the use of Triphenil Tetrazoliun Chloride (TTC) reduction assay for evaluation of citrus shoot tips Dviability after cryopreservation, Sri Lanka Journal of Food And Agriculture, in press
  • 2. Abeywickrama, K.G.T.A.K. Samarasinghe, W.L.G. Sumanasinghe, V.A. Edirisinghe E.S.C (2018) Analysis of diversity and determination of duplicates among twenty one Dioscorea accessions through morphological and molecular characterization, Sri Lanka Journal of Food And Agriculture, in press
  • 3. Manatunga,M.M.S.L,Wasala,S.K.,Sumanasinghe,V.A.,Ubeysekara,N.M.,(2018) Genetic Diversity Analysis of “Murungakayan” Rice Accessions based on Seed Morphology and Molecular Characterization: Tropical Agricultural Research Journal in press
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  • 4. Welegama.H.M.V.T., Wasala S.K.Kumarapeli S., Fonseka H.H.D., Rambukana C. Ubeysekera N.M. (2017) Revealing genetic purity of tomato variety “Thilina” based on morphological and molecular analysis. Annals of the department of Agriculture 19 (2): 175-187
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  • 9. W.M.A.A. Kulasinghe, K.M. S. Wimalasiri, G. Samarasinghe, R. Silva and T. Madhujith , Macronutrient composition of selected traditional yams grown in Sri Lanka; 29th PGIA Annual Congress; Post graduate institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya; 16-17 Nov 2017; P12
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