Division of Agro-Climatology and Climate Change

NRMC Divisions

Agro-Climatology and Climate Change

  • Development & maintenance of the National Agro-met Observation Network and its Database
  • Issuing of seasonal and monthly agro-met based advisories as a decision making tool in agriculture
  • Issuing of agro-met information based on medium and short term weather forecasts  issued by Department of Meteorology to minimize the crop loses due to unexpected weather changes.
  • Research work on climate variability, climate change and other agro-climatology related collaborative studies. 

Research and Publications

  • Research and Publications of the Agro-Climatology and Climate Change Division



  • Issuing of agro-meteorological data to the researchers attached to the Department of Agriculture, other government Institutes, universities and other academic Institutes and individuals on demand. 
  • Issuing of seasonal and monthly agro-met information and weather based SMS alerts
  • Issuing of agro-climatology related information such as agro-ecological information 
Mrs. A.B. Abeysekara

Assistant Director
Principal Scientist in Agriculture (Agro-climatology)