NRMC – Services

Our Services

  • Technical assistance to establish soil conservation structures in sloping agriculture lands.
  • Demarcation of contour lines for land development and establishment of soil conservation measures.
  • Provide agro-ecological data.
  • Technical assistance for restoration of degrading agriculture lands.
  • Assistance for productivity enhancement in agriculture lands of different agro-ecological regions.
  • Provide technical assistance for designing micro-irrigation systems.
  • Provide technical assistance for designing structures for protected agriculture.
  • Advisory on on-farm water management technologies.
  • Providing maps and other planning aids for other agricultural related development programs.
  • Conduct soil surveys and land suitability surveys for recommending suitable crops.
  • Conduct soil classification and land evaluation.
  • Technical assistance for land use planning at various scales.
  • Technical assistance on crop diversification for unproductive lands.
  • Provide technical assistance for establishment of water harvesting and irrigation structures.
  • Find appropriate locations for agro-well establishment using ground water availability observation techniques and designing appropriate irrigation systems.
  • Giving assistance for mitigating environmental impacts for implementation of various project such as land blocking out projects for residential purposes, mini-hydro-power projects, landscaping, quarries, etc.
  • Preparation of soil monolith and models of soil maps for exhibitions.
  • Conduct awareness programmes on natural resource management for school children, university students, technical staff, farmers, etc.
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  • Farm plan design and development
  • Soil conservation
  • Watershed management and watershed based farming systems
  • Agro-ecology and climate change
  • Soil fertility management
  • Map reading and interpretation
  • GIS and remote sensing applications in agriculture
  • Micro-irrigation and protected agriculture systems