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Seedling Broadcasting

How do we perform seedling broadcasting?

  • Insted of seeds used in direct sowing, planting material used for this method is seedlings.
  • 12 days old seedlings are broadcasted evenly in the field.
  • For such broadcasting seedlings should have a considerable weight, which is supported by a ball of mud associated with roots.
  • To facilitate this, seeds are initially raised in seedling trays (known as parachute trays).
  • After seedlings are grown for 12 days, they are removed from trays along with the mud-ball and broadcasted.
  • Seedling density is maintained as 35-40/m2 for a maximum yield.


  • Seed paddy requirement is very low – 20-30 kg/ha.
  • Labor cost is 50% than that of in transplanting.
  • Root system of the seedlings will not be damaged as they contain mud-balls.
  • Therefore, seedlings will not experience a transplanting shock.
  • Seedlings get established in the field very quickly.
  • Plants produce high number of tillers
  • Harvest could be obtained 7-8 days earlier than other methods.