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Rice-the staple food-Land Preparation

Secondary Land Preparation

What is the purpose of secondary tillage?

  • Breaks big soil clumps left after primary tillage.
  • Damages weeds emerged after primary tillage and incorporate them in to the soil.
  • Incorporates any remaining crop residues to the soil.

What is the perfect timing?

  • Should be performed 7-10 days before crop establishment.

What are the techniques to be used?

  • Done in a near perpendicular direction to the primary tillage.
  • Two-wheeled tractors or animals could be used.
  • Incoperate water to cover all the soil clumps completely

What are the important factors that need special attention?

  • In addition to ploughing, the filed structure is constructed during this tillage cycle.
  • Therefore, secondary tillage additionally involves clearing, repairing, and replastering of bunds.
  • Compost, cattle or poultry manure and partially burned paddy husk should be incoperated.