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Instruction to fill the request of Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Information to be filled


Type of Forms

Please submit the completed forms in Microsoft Word format only. Do not submit it as PDF or scanned picture formats.

(01.) Contact details of the relevant.

This is very important if we need to clarify any information in your form or to obtain any further important information.

(02.) Consignee

. Include the address of the consignee. Country of destination is compulsory and port of destination is not enough. If you request fumigation for empty pallets please give the list of countries. (roughly)

(03.) Target of the fumigation

You shall be mentioned here clearly

*if "packing” only     - please specify the  name of packing. Ex ;-wooden pallets or wooden boxes etc….

*if "cargo only"         - please specify the nature of commodity. Ex:- foodstuff or coir bricks or cinnamon etc…

*if "cargo + packing " - please specify the nature of cargo and packing. Ex:- wooden pallet + coir grow bags etc….

(04.) Volume

   Please specify the volume in cubic meters is compulsory as bellow.

-       Set of pallets as a stack                 - volume of the enclosure.

-       pallets in a chamber or container - inside volume of the chamber

-       cargo loaded pallets               - volume of the enclosure as 20ft/40ft

-       cargo packed into a container - volume of the container as20ft/40ft

-       Under sheet                              - volume of the enclosure.

(05.) Purpose of fumigation

Mark on the relevant box is compulsory.

(06.) Type of fumigation

Depend on country requirement.    Example:- Australia - AQIS

(07.) Dose and Exposure period

When fumigate the commodity or packing “dose and duration” should be according to the import permit issued by the country of destination or according to the international regulations and standards.

(08.) Enclosure of fumigation

-Container fumigation is recommended for new containers only. The old containers to be fumigated under a sheet.

-Stack fumigation     : - It is depend on requirement of exporter. 

(09.) Date of fumigation

Proposed date of fumigation.

(10.) Date of degassing

Date of fumigation + Exposure period. (This date will be decided on date of start of the fumigation and exposure period of the fumigation.)

(11.) Official Recommendation

If there is any defect on your dose and exposure period, we will be mentioned here recommended correct dose and duration.

Email address for submit the completed form.

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Further information

011-2252028>> Treatment Technology Division, National Plant Quarantine Service,Katunayake.

071-8036053-Ranjith Wijesinghe.


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