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Goods for which problems can occur when fumigated with Methyl Bromide

1. Foodstuffs

a. Butter, lard and fats

b. Full fat soybean flour, whole wheat flour,

c. Nuts with high oil content  or other foodstuffs containing reactive sulfur compounds

d. Bone meal

2. Leather Goods (Particularly kid or other leather goods tanned with sulfur processes.)

3. Woolens

4. Viscose rayon Thoserayons processed or manufactured by a process in which carbon disulfide is used.

5. Photographic chemicals (Not camera film or X-ray film)

6.  Paper a. Silver polishing papers. b. Certain writing and other papers cured by sulfide processes. c. Photographic prints and blue-prints stored in quantity d. “Carbonless” carbon paper. e. Blueprint papers

7. Rubber Goods a. Sponge rubber b. Foam rubber, as in rug padding, pillows, cushions, mattresses, and some car seals c. Rubber stamps and other similar forms of reclaimed rubber

8. Vinyl

9.  Furs

10. Feathers

11. Charcoal, cinder blocks and activated carbon

12. Horsehair articles

13.  Oil artworks

14. Sulphur-based paint

15.  Cellophane

16. Polystyrene packaging and containers

17.  Perishable plant products including fruit and vegetables

18. Live plants, bulbs, seeds

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