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National Plant Quarantine Service - No Objection requirements for importing plant & plant materials


+94 112 252 028

No Objection requirements for importing plant & plant materials

  • For fresh flowers import :

For religious purpose – Need an approval letter from  Secretary to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and approval of Director General of Agriculture.

For decoration purpose –Need approval of Director General of Agriculture (Tel: 0812 388 331)

           (Approved only for out of season/dry period)  

            e.g.      Forest plant Seeds, Oil palm seeds (Pre heated)

For forest plant seed – we need no objection letter of Department of Forest

For Oil palm seed – we need no objection letter from Director CRI(Coconut Research Institute) or Apply through Director CRI and need sufficient post entry quarantine facilities at the importers premises.(In screen house - mesh size is 28 and 30 gauge).

  • Quantities of import of some materials are decided by Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture. E.g. pop corn, for consumption. For further information please inquire Director General of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture. (Tel: 0812 388 331, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


     Import of some items need approvals from other relevant institutes

    Details required from other departments for issuing of an import approval.



Authorized Person

Contact Details

1.Ministry of Agriculture

Pop Corn, Maize for Animal Feed



2.Department of Agriculture

Pop Corn, Ground Nuts, Beans, Animal Feed and some importation limited items

Director General of Agriculture


3.Department of Animal production and Health

Grains for Animal Feed

Director General


4.Department of Export Agriculture


Director General


5.Department of Forest

Agar Wood seeds

Conservator General of forest



6.Department of Aurveda

Medicinal Plant

Commissioner Aurvedic



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