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Import Clearance of Plant and Plant Products (Airport & Seaport)

  1. Document check

The importer or his agent shall file an application (PQ Form 01) in cargo immediately upon arrival  to the officer in charge  at plant Quarantine station with following enclosures.

  1. Customs declaration form (duly endorsed)
  2. Import Permit original (Importers copy)
  3. Phytosanitory certificate (original)
  4. Certificate of origin
  5. Airway bill
  6. Invoice
  7. Packing list
  8. Treatment Certificate ex: Fumigation certificate (If required)
  9. ISTA certificate or seed analysis report for seeds
  10. Relevant test reports (Eg : Non GMO)


  The import permit conditions must be fulfilled by the imported consignment and the relevant      additional decorations should be endorsed on phytosanitary certificate

All the relevant documents are being checked by the authorized officer for the consignment and shall register the application. 

If some documents are missing a concessionary time will be given to precede the documents.


For Import clearance at Seaport: If documents are not fulfilled according to our requirements then the consignment will be detained, until document clearance procedure is done. At this stage, this information regarding of the retention will be informed to the Sri Lanka Customs and clearing agent / Importer (PQ Form 04). A certain concessionary period of time will be given to the importer to re-submit the correct documents.


If documents are found with following mistake, the consignment will be rejected.

  • Submitting forged document
  • Violation of permit limits & condition
  • Missing of critical information in documents


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