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Field Certification process for Exporting Fruit and Vegetables to European country

Special programme for selected Crops
-    Bitter guard
-    Snake guard
-    Guava
-    Mango
-    Other crops

If you hope to start a cultivation of above crops.

1.    Contact the agri business division of Extension and Training Centre of Department of Agriculture.
       -    D. D. / CAB
2.    Recognize and Contact the CAB (Councilors of Agri Business) Officers in your area.
3.    Get the information about the cultivation.
4.    Start your cultivation.
5.    Register the farm for exporting
       -    With the help of CAB Officer
       -    Use the format given by CAB Officer
6.    Maintain the cultivation crop properly with the instruction of CAB officer. (FCP - 1)
7.    Put the first harvest to local market.
8.    Acceptable field conditions for export field certification should be confirmed and “First harvesting duration for export” recommended by relevant CAB officers     using the inspection from (FCP - 2).
9.    Export field auditing for certification will be done by quarantine officers at NPQS.
10.    Extension /Banning of harvesting period will be decided by audit team in NPQS.

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