Admin 01 -  Human Resource Management Branch

  • Submission of observations and recommendations on matters relating to policy decisions and maintenance of cadre to the Additional Director General (Administration) through the Director (Administration) and co- ordination with internal and external parties.
  • Recruitments relating to all posts.
  1. Recruitment - Agriculture Service / Legal Officer
  2. Recruitment - Positions in the Technical Service
  3. Posts Recruited from Examinations conducted by the Department (Category MN -1 / Category MT - 1)
  4. Positions recruited through interviews (PL Category Positions)
  5. Appointing to Special Class - Technical Service on Seniority and Merit)
  6. Daily mail delivery
  7. Appointment of Special Survey Boards
  8. Solving problems raised by trade unions
  9. Updating the number of employees
  10. Obtaining relevant staff number details from the personal file maintaining branches for making the allocation for the next year at the beginning of the second quarter of the year
  11. Human Rights Commission Ombudsman / Committee on Public Petitions
  • Dealing with appeals received from the Public Service Commission.
  • Appeals received under the “Tell the President” Program.
  • Dealing with appeals received from the President's Office, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Hon. Minister and the Minister of State.
  1. Appointing Branch Heads, Appointing Administrative Officers Involving officers to represent various committees. Appointing survey boards in other departments.
  2. Gathering information relevant to the Administration Division for the Annual Performance Report and Action Plan and providing to the Progress Monitoring Division.
  3. Making changes in the departmental structure.
  4. Approval of posts / making amendments to the recruitment procedures.
  5. Recruitment on a contract basis for projects.
  6. -
  7. Answering Oral Questions in Parliament.
  8. Issuing administrative orders / departmental orders Distribution of circulars Performs as required. 20. Submitting observations for Cabinet Memoranda.
  9. Board of Directors Meetings of the Administration Division
  10. All duties related to elections
  11. Granting promotions to retired officers of the Agricultural Service in accordance with the provisions of the new Service Minute.
  12. Information Act Provision for the right to information by designated officers and the Information Office