Program Summary

1. To Make available improves demand driven vegetable varities and safeguard the authorized use * Development/ Introduction of new Varities
* Development of varities identification codes
2. To make available associated technologies for high productivity, profitability and sustainability *Revisiting and fine tuning of existing technologies and generation of new technologies for favorable and unfavorable growing ecosystems
*Identification and development of crop management technologies for climate change mitigation / adaptation / escape
*Judicious use of inputs in vegetable growing fields
3. To assure availability of quality seeds  *Timely supply of breeder seed to SPMDC and others
4. To make available eco-friendly plant protection technologies *Revisiting and fine tuning of existing technologies and generation of new plant protection technologies for vegetable crops
5. To ensure correct utilization of protected structures in vegetable farming *Identification and development of apposite crop management technologies for protected cultivation
*Introduction of appropriate protected structures for different regions
6. To minimize the post harvest loss and improve value addition *Identification and development of value added products form food crops
*Increasing the awareness on post harvest operations of perishables
*Identification and development of technology in reducing post harvest losses
7. Socio economic studies on vegetable farming *Identify the constraints and modifiers of the vegetable farming
*Exploring / development of simple or high-tech machines / tools for crop management