Providing Breeder Seeds Of Recommended Breeder Seed Varieties

Available varieties

Maize -  Ruwan, Bhadra, Parental lines of hybrid variety Sampath
Figermillet -  Ravi, Rawana, Oshadha
Soybean - PB1, PM 13
Cowpea - Waruni, Dhawala, Wijaya, Bombay
Mungbean - Ari, MI-6, MI-5
Blackgram - Anuradha, MI-1
Groundnut -  Tissa, Indi, Walawa, Tikiri

Who can obtain the breeder seed

Seeds of Parental lines of Maize hybrid variety ‘Sampath’ can be obtained by private companies and any government seed farms who are interest in producing hybrid seeds

The procedure of purchasing maize parental lines

Request should be made in writing to Director, Field Crops Research Institute, Mahailluppalama. Signing of an agreement to produce hybrid seeds with the Director/Field Crops Research & Development Institute, Mahailluppallama

From where maize parental lines can be purchased

FCRDI, Mahailuppallama Contact Director, Field Crops Research & Development Institute, Mahilluppallama


approved rates apply per Kg of Maize