Solving Field Problems Related To Field Crops Of Farmers

Major Disciplines Covered

Pests, diseases, agronomic and physiological aspects, and soil problems related to field crops

Crops of which field problems are solved

Maize, chilli, onion, fingermillet, greengram, blackgram, cowpea, soybean, minor millet

To whom requests should be made regarding field problems

Director, Field Crops Research & Development Institute, Mahiluppallama

Methods of informing field problems

By telephone, fax, letters, emails

Who can obtain the service

Farmers, public officials, private sector or any personnel interested

Basic information to be provided with the field problem

Location, Crop affected, Name and address of the farmer, Extent of the land affected, Brief description of the problem/symptoms etc, if possible a fresh sample of an affected, plan/part/soil should be produced with the problem, Information regarding inputs used such as fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, foliar applications etc., The route to reach at the affected field

Actions taken on the field problem after

One or more of the followings; Filed visit by relevant officers, laboratory investigations, recommendations to overcome the problem


Through field visits, by phone/ fax/ email, letters

Time taken to attend a field problem

around 07 working days from the date the Institute receive the problem.

Additional information

Contact relevant officer i.e. Pathologists, Entomologists, Agronomists, Breeder, Weed scientist of the Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailuppallama